Youth Private Training

The Refinery excels at training youth athletes ages 12 and up. Youth training is offered in private training sessions allowing for customized workouts according to an athlete’s strength and conditioning needs.

experienced trainers

All youth trainers were former college athletes with some competing at the professional level

cutting-edge equipment

Access to Keiser pneumatic strength machines, SkillMills, and Vertimax.

free trial

Free starting point session for new youth training clients.


Pricing available in single session, 5 session, and 10 session packs only.  A free starting point session is available for new youth private training clients.  A sibling add on fee of $15 is offered for siblings that train together in the same session.

Youth Private Training

Single Session

$ 85

Youth Private Training

5 Sessions

$ 400
$80 per session

Youth Private Training

10 Sessions

$ 650
$65 per session

Youth Private Training

Starting Point Session


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To schedule a youth private training appointment please complete the appointment request form below or contact us directly.

Get Started

Get started with a free Youth Private Training session with a member of our Youth Training staff.
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