Phase 3 FAQ's

phase 3 changes

Due to ongoing COVID precautions, The Refinery continues to operate with COVID policies and procedures in place. 

New Customer Policy: All memberships are open for new customers (including Open Gym memberships). For more information on membership pricing and benefits, visit our Memberships page.  

Free-Trial:  A 2-visit free trial will now be offered.  Prospective members may choose how to use the two free visits (Build & Burn, Pure Strength, and/or Open Gym).  For more information on the free trial, visit our Free Trial sign-up page.

Membership Restarts: For those that have not yet restarted memberships, we will not require you to restart unless you decide to.  Instead, we have terminated all frozen memberships. However, for those desiring to restart their membership at any time in the future, we will be able to credit the first month of a new membership by the amount of days still left on your previous membership. To restart a membership, email us at

Check-In/Lobby Area:  Ipad check-in for classes and Open Gym visits has been reinstated. The lobby area is open for coffee service and TV viewing. Masks will only be required in the lobby if staying for an extended period of time (TV viewing, working in the lobby, waiting on someone, etc…)

Recovery Room:  The Recovery Room has reopened with privacy screens between treatment chairs.  Masks will be required.  All memberships now include unlimited access to Recovery Room treatments, including Hypervolts which may be checked out at the front desk.

Program Changes:

Build and Burn:

  • Workout area reconfigured to allow class capacity to increase to 16 participants. Plexiglass screens will provide safety barrier between cardio stations. 

Pure Strength: 

  • Workout area reconfigured to allow class capacity to increase to 4 participants.  Four designated training areas complete with Keiser functional trainers, benches, dumbbells, and accessories will allow participants to stay within their training zone and not have to share space or equipment.

Open Gym:  

  • Open Gym access only available for those with an active membership.  We will no longer allow open gym visits to be purchased by the visit.
  • Training areas reconfigured into workout pods separated by clear plexiglass screens .  
  • Each workout pod in the front half will include a TRX bay, bench, cardio machine (treadmill/elliptical/or rower), and access to weights and accessories.  
  • Back half workout pods will include two power rack pods and two dual adjustable pulley pods (one with SkillMill and one with spin bike) as well as access to weights and accessories.  
  • A cardio only pod with stair climbers, bikes, and a treadmill will be stationed between the two areas with equipment 6 feet apart. 
  • Outdoor area will include two workout pods with access to a full range of accessories.
  • Bins with cleaning supplies are located within each training pod.
  • Biocircuit requires advance booking and allows only one person in the circuit at a time.

Private Training  

  • Additional trainers and appointment availability will be available throughout the day.  Appointment requests may be made on the book now page of the website or by contacting the front desk.

Youth Private Training

  • Youth Private Training will be offered to ages 12 and up.

Yes, any unused visits still remaining on your account can be applied as a credit to the first month’s autopay. 

X3 and Normatec sessions can be booked online (Book Now page), through the app, or by calling or visiting the front desk. 

Yes, Biocircuit will continue to be available during Phase 3.  Advance booking id still be required and the circuit will be dedicated to one person only during the designated appointment time.

visitor Policies & procedures

In order to provide a safe environment for our visitors and staff, the following visitor policies and procedures will remain in place:

Check-In: A hands-free sanitizer station is located at the front desk check-in area.  We require hand sanitization upon arrival at the check-in desk. 

Locker rooms: Lockers rooms are available for locker and shower usage. Wipes dispensers will be available in each locker room and we encourage visitors to wipe down locker key pads before and after use.  Antibacterial shower spray will be provided in each shower stall.  Dry vanity supplies and hair dryers will also be available.  We ask that showers be sprayed down after each use and that any dry vanity supplies used be wiped down using the wipes provided.  Towels are provided.

Masks are only required in the Recovery Room.  In addition, we request the use of masks in the lobby area if you will be staying for an extended period of time.

cleaning policies & procedures

In order to provide a safe and sanitary training environment, the following cleaning policies and procedures will remain in place:

Open Gym: We request that Open Gym visitors clean their equipment and accessories after each use with provided anti-bacterial cleaning supplies. 

Classes: A 15-minute designated cleaning time is allocated after each class. Trainers are scheduled to clean all equipment used in the previous class during the designated cleaning period.

A hand-sanitizing station is available in the Open Gym area. Gym wipes dispensers are located throughout the facility and are accessible in all training areas.

Sharing of equipment in Build & Burn will be minimized by having no more than 3 rotations per class.  Cleaning of the stations will be required and built into the class time.  Wipes are available in every training station.  Pure Strength will have four designated training stations complete with training accessories.  No sharing of equipment or rotations are necessary.

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