Phase 2

On June 1st, The Refinery will transition to our Phase 2 Reopening Plan.  To view our detailed service offerings, policies and procedures during Phase 2, please visit our Phase 2 FAQ’s page.


Revolutionary Guided Circuit training

BIOCIRCUIT™ offers a personalized strength and cardio workout to help you achieve your specific fitness goals, through BIODRIVE cutting-edge technology. The guided circuit training program delivers an engaging experience that requires no adjustments or wait time. Never adjust another rack. And forget tracking your progress in a notebook. TechnoGym’s BIOCIRCUIT remembers your goals, adapts to your posture, and provides smart program guidance. All you need to do is log in and follow the directions.

How it Works

  • Get fitted on machines and exercise bike. After initial setup, equipment will auto set to your posture settings when you arrive
  • Perform initial strength test on each machine. Establishes personalized strength training programs and weight levels.
  • After initial setup, just log into the kiosk with your phone. Kiosk directs you to first station and auto sets that station to your profile.
  • Each station will guide you through your workout and to the next station. Full workout is 2 laps around, approximately 30 minutes.

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